Update pagina System Fusion (C4FM)

sinds 04/01/2019 staat de Fusion repeater op Ver 1.500.

The new PC software contains the following:

1. Added PDN function:
It is now possible to operate a WIRES-X Portable Digital Node by connecting a compatible C4FM digital transceiver (FT2D as 12/2018) and a personal computer.

2. DG-ID Subcodes are implemented:
When the DG-ID of the node station is set to “00” (Open Node Station)
it is now possible to set an additional two-digit Subcode from “00” to “26”.
When the Subcode is set to “00”, the C4FM digital signals of all DG-ID numbers is relayed.
When the Subcode is set from “01” to “26”, only C4FM digital signals with a matching Subcode will be relayed.
By utilizing a Subcode, it is possible to avoid interference where there are multiple Open Node Stations (DG-ID number: 00) operating within local communication range of the mobile station (user station).

Example) “00 – 01” = DG-ID number (00) and Subcode (01)

3. We added a setting to the WIRES-X PC software to open a dedicated digital room that only Digital Node Stations can connect to.  (A node station connected with HRI-200 is required to open rooms.)

4. Other improvements and optimization were done.